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How to Build a Chicken House Ladder

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Raising chickens is a nice backyard project. Anybody can start this although this type of home project is ideal for people who have more time to oversee their birds such as the non-working wives or home-based couples.

One of the most important things you will need if you're bent on pursuing such a poultry project is the coop or the house for your chickens. These birds will have to be kept inside a coop otherwise, they will just scatter and fly around your backyard. With a shelter of their own, they will be kept safe from predators and protected from the heat and cold.

The size and design of your chicken house will depend on the number of birds and your personal preference. Having a few chickens will require a smaller space but make sure to provide extra allowance as more space will be needed as they grow older.

There are many styles of coops that you can choose today. You can have the plain and simple ones or you can construct a coop with a ladder, perches and nest boxes. A ladder is a nice provision to allow your chickens to move around to different levels. This is a good alternative as well to the perches.

chicken ladder

Any type of ladder will do as long as it's sturdy enough to hold the weight of one or more chickens. Wood is an ideal choice when making a ladder. Take the proper measurements for the sides and then for the steps or perches if you like. This has to be constructed in a sloping manner back to the wall for easy access. As for the perches or steps, allow enough space in between so that chicken poo won't fall down to those on the lower perch.

A 45 degree angle is ideal for a chicken house ladder. This is not too steep and not too low for the birds. Depending on your space available, you can have a wide ladder with five or more steps if you want. Adjust your measurement if you have a smaller space.

For a simple ladder, you can use a one and a half or a two-inch wide wood. Cut it according to your measurements and nail the perches on the side as you join them to the long side parts of the ladder. Then nail the ladder to the wall to make it sturdy.

A ladder will also be needed if you want to make a separate area for nesting away from the main activity area. You can create a nest box on a higher level and then put a ladder that chickens can use when they go up and down that space.

The A style of coop is perhaps the easiest to construct. You can use affordable materials such as wood and chicken wire. With this design style, you can create a semi-open one which means half is covered while the other half is open with only chicken wires as covering. This is to achieve proper ventilation for your birds.

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