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How To Build a Chicken Coop - Plans and Designs

chicken coop plansDo you want to raise chickens? If you do, you know you will need to have your own chicken coop. But the question is how to build a chicken coop? Well, there are many different ways. In some cases, you may actually find a place to buy a prefabricated chicken coop. The problem is that these coops are going to be expensive, and they probably won't be the best-built, either. However, if you purchase a set of professional chicken coop plans and designs, you can build your own quality chicken cook with just a little work.

Build a chicken coop - professional plans and manuals

You may wonder why you even need a chicken coop. Building a chicken coop is a lot of work and money, after all. Can't you just put your chickens in a pen or build a cheap little crate for them? Well, you can try, but you willl most likely end up with dead chickens. A chicken coop is more than just a small building for your chickens to lay eggs in. It's also a way of protecting them from many different things, including the elements and vicious animals that would kill and eat them. It also helps you keep your chickens under control - if you simply let them wonder around or put them in a cheaply built cage, they can escape or be hard to corral. It's also difficult to collect eggs when your chickens are in a small pen you can't walk into.

So now that you see why you need a chicken coop, it's time to think about how to build one. Building a chicken coop is not easy. A chicken coop is more than just a small little building to house chickens in. There are actually several different things each chicken coop needs that average people do not know about. To really build the best chicken coop, then, you have got to have a great set of chicken coop plans.

Location - Where to Place your Chicken Coop?

Before you begin building your chicken coop, you have to select a location. You don't want to start building your chicken coop only to realize it's in a bad place. First of all, you'll need a flat area - otherwise, you're going to have to flatten it out, and that involves getting a bulldozer or other large piece of machinery. Next, you don't want any trees near your coop. These trees could fall on your chicken coop. They could also provide a way for animals to get over your fence and into your chicken coop. While having shade for your chickens may sound like a good idea, the chance that it could allow a wild animal into your coop is too much of a risk.

Chicken Coop Size

You also need to decide how large of a chicken coop you need. You can build a small coop for four chickens very easily, but if you plan on raising more than that, you'll need a much larger coop. In some cases, you may even want to build a double-story chicken coop. If you're really planning on going into the chicken raising business, you may even need a huge coop large enough for up to 50 chickens.

Necessary Tools and Materials

Next, you've got to gather all the necessary tools and materials. You'll need a saw, hammer, nails, screws, fencing, and more. Everything should be clearly listed in your chicken coop plans. You may also need to rent some equipment. As previously mentioned, if you don't have a flat space of land, you'll have to get a dozer to flatten it down. You will also need a post hole digger to dig holes for the fence surrounding your coop. You might need to borrow or rent a power saw, drill, and other equipment as well.

Now that youâ're ready to build your chicken coop, it's time to start. You'll want to set aside a good two days or more for the project's not something you can do in an afternoon. You'll also need some help. Building a chicken coop sometimes requires two people or more. The more you have, the faster the coop can be built.

You should start off by measuring and cutting all of your pieces. Again, your chicken coop designs should outline all of this. Once you've got all the materials prepared, you're ready to actually build the coop. As you can see by the sample image below, your chicken coop instructions will include step-by-step plans that guide you through every part of the process.

chicken coop plans and designs

A Few Very Important Things

There are a few things you really need to focus on when building your chicken coop. First, you've got to make sure the interior stays as dry as possible. You might think, then, that you don't want any windows on your coop. However, that's a bad idea - you also need to make certain your chicken coop is well ventilated, and for that, you need windows that will allow a breeze to flow through the coop. Learning how to construct the perfect chicken coop windows is just one thing your chicken coop plans will teach you.

They will also teach you how to build the floor of your coop. You want the floor to actually slop very slightly towards the door. This is so you can easily sweep or wash out the coop. By having the floor slop, all the loose feathers, chicken waste, and old straw can easily be cleaned out.

While you can certainly look up information about chicken coops and try to draw your own chicken coop designs, as you can see, it's not as easy as it sounds. The best way to really build your own chicken coop is to visit the link below for a great set of chicken coop plans and designs. These plans will teach you everything you need to know about building a chicken coop, including designing the coop, what materials you need, and even give you tips on what breed of chicken to raise. It's got everything you need, and it's incredibly easy to follow. If you want to build a quality chicken coop that will last for years, you won't find a better set of chicken coop plans and designs.

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